Not Just for Corporations

Foreign language and business not just for corporations
Whenever I think of foreign language learning and use for business purposes, I immediately think of a giant corporation sending a contingent of their best middle-managers to another giant corporation halfway across the world. You know what I’m talking about, right? But the fact is that giving foreign language users access to your website will do nearly as much for your bottom line as it does in those movies. In recent years, there have been massive increases in foreign language traffic throughout the Internet, from a nearly 800% increase in Chinese language traffic to a more than 2000% increase in Arabic.

Language Learning Mistakes

Foreign language and business learning mistakes
If you really want to learn a new language, there are a few things that you really need to understand and avoid. The first obstacle you need to overcome is fear of using the language, particularly with native speakers. Most will appreciate your effort and help you out. You also need to listen, however. As you listen more and more, you get used to the language and build your vocabulary base. Another huge mistake is in restricting your learning to a single channel or method. If you only listen to podcasts, your speaking will suffer; if you only read, your listening and speaking will suffer. Make sure to spread your efforts around.

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Podcasts as a Resource

Seriously, there has never been a better time for accessing authentic language learning resources. And podcasts are perfect because you can take them to go on your iPhone. If you’re attempting to learn Chinese—and odds are that you should be—then head on over to and get started.

Isn’t English Enough?

No. That’s the gist of it. English simply isn’t enough, and it’s not a great idea to accept that even if the numbers of foreigners learning English continues its rise. The fact of the matter is that if you can reach someone in his or her native language, he or she is much more likely (up to 80% more likely) to buy from you—or establish long-term business relations with you.

Job Potential

If you speak another language, your marketability significantly increases, so make sure to publicize that advantage. I mean, if the company you’re trying to get on to is hoping to expand to China, who do you think they’re going to hire: Candidate A, who is fluent in English alone? Or, Candidate B, who is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese?


The costs of translating everything back and forth between you and your client is simply prohibitive in all but the smallest of transactions. And if you opt against translating, things are bound to go wrong between your two sides, either because of a verbal miscommunication or because of a cultural miscommunication. Besides, people like to do business with people, and it’s much easier to get to know someone speaking your language.